Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Via Galactica

The authors of Hair had a success with Two Gentlemen of Verona but couldn’t repeat it with their next projects. While Gerome Ragni’s Dude collapsed in 16 performances, Galt MacDermot’s Via Galactica lasted 7. Pixar’s Wall-E has since taught us that an intergalactic trash collector’s story can be interesting but the libretto of Via Galactica was dismissed as incoherent. Eventually a plot synopsis that was inserted in the program.

Fun facts: 
  • Via Galactica was originally titled Up. Then the producers saw that the Marquee at the Uris Theater would read “Up Uris.”
  • When Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark was having trouble in previews Jennifer George wrote a retrospective about her parents flop.

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