Thursday, July 10, 2014


Younger me: I don't understand what's going on.
My aunt: Neither do I.

We sat in the top balcony of a cavernous auditorium while an old lady cat tap danced with a troop of cockroaches. The  acoustics and sound design left the touring company's lyrics unintelligible. It was only later I learned that Cats was adapted from a book of unrelated poems and that there was only the smallest sliver of a story. If the Cats are auditioning for Cat Heaven are they all dead? Or are they planning a mass junkyard suicide after the curtain call?

The much mocked show broke records running 21 years in London and 18 years on Broadway. and Webber is once again pushing for a film adaptation. Will a narrative be built around it or will the screenplay adapt it as is? Also would Memory be remembered today if the fabulous Judi Dench had originated the role of Grizabella as originally planned?

Over the coming days I'll be posting quick sketches of some of Webber's lesser known musicals.

Background reading
NYT review of Broadway opening

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