Tuesday, July 22, 2014


In the most recent show from Boublil and Schonberg a woman is torn from her lover by wartime. They reunite just in time for her to die in his arms. Sound familiar? 

The New York Times’ Matt Wolf wrote:
There's nothing wrong with "Marguerite" that some wit, a trace of leavening irony, the occasional relief from its own self-importance wouldn't put right.

The Guardian’s Michael Billington wrote:
We warm to Dumas' Marguerite not just because she is consumptive but because she makes a heroic sacrifice. The musical's Marguerite, however, simply seems an opportunist who, as Armand shrewdly says, 'screws your little pianist in the afternoon and runs home to your German general' … If you can accept a musical with a less-than-sympathetic heroine, then there are things to savour.

Audience’s savoured the show for about five months.

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