Thursday, September 24, 2015

Triassic Parq

This June I drew a fanfiction comic about the Jurassic World  I  wanted to see. In 2010 the New York Fringe Festival featured a musical retelling of Jurassic Park from the dinosaur’s point of view. Triassic Parq owes less to the Speilberg film than to the political parody Urinetown and the gender bending farces of Charles Ludlam.

New York Times: “Give the authors, Marshall Pailet, Bryce Norbitz and Stephen Wargo, a little time. Their material eventually settles into a contentedly sophomoric vibe, happy to show off here and pander there. There are worse things than seeing clever people try too hard.”

L.A. Times: “Courting laughter with broad physical comedy… the performers convey the pathos in the dinosaurs' struggles to find friendship and love from the prisons of their enormous, hungry, lethal bodies. When Caitlin the T. rex … roars out her jealousy, the sound seems to contain the pain of every scorned lover since evolution began.”

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