Monday, March 30, 2015

Modern Musical Tropes : Running the test

Last week my friends and I drafted a short quiz to see which modern musicals had "progressive gender politics." This week I put a few modern shows to the test.

Does your leading lady: Sing about a non-relationship goal Achieve that goal (spoilers)
Hairspray (2002) Yes. Good Morning Baltimore. Yes. She gets to dance on TV, then teams with Maybelle to integrate the show.
Wicked (2003) Yes. The Wizard and I.
Defying Gravity.
Almost. She liberates the imprisoned animals but fails to overthrow the Wizard.
Legally Blonde (2007) Yes. So Much Better. Yes. Though Emmett and Vivienne get her to the trial she wins the big court case herself.
If/Then (2014) Sort of.  She shares the song A Map of New York. Sort of. Elizabeth is split between alternating marriage and career timelines.
Honeymoon in Vegas (2015) No. Betsy's Getting Married. She's passed between two men and marries one of them.

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