Sunday, July 2, 2017

Caroline, or Change

Tony Kushner did not adapt the libretto for Angels in America the opera. He did, however, provide the libretto for another musical. The show had a lengthy development process and a tragically short Broadway run. It's a marathon of a show with two leading roles that are difficult to cast. The show has lived on through a strong cast album and multiple regional productions. 

It's interesting to compare it to the book and film The Help. Both are set in the American south in 1963. Both concern the relationship between a black maid and a white child. But The Help painted this relationship in a positive light and made a great deal of money. Caroline ends with Caroline reminding Noah that they were "never friends." That doesn't sell as many tickets but it's closer to the truth. 

Panel discussion on the creation of the show.
Tony Kushner interviewed by NPR in 2006.
Tonya Pinkins performing "Gonna Pass Me a Law" at the White House.
Tonya Pinkins performing "Lot's Wife" on the Tony Awards. 

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