Thursday, August 4, 2016

Plain and Fancy

This week's posts have looked at teen rebellion channeled through rock music. The teens of Plain and Fancy rebel in a milder way. Hilda tries on some "fancy" lingerie and  Ezra drinks a bottle of scotch. They return to the Amish community after a quick visit to a carnival.

Plain and Fancy had a successful Broadway run and could prove a worthy candidate for an Encores concert.  The Round Barn Theatre at Amish Acres revives the show annually and the York Theatre Company has revised it for a small cast. Barbara Cook's ballad, "This is All Very New to Me," was the closest thing to a breakout ballad but the score has other lovely moments.

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  1. There definitely should be a revival of Plain and Fancy, but I think the book could use a little trimming and updating. But it has a terrific (though often overlooked) score. And any show with a last line in its opening song like "How the hell do you get to Bird-in-Hand" is okay by me.