Sunday, May 29, 2016

American Psycho

American Psycho is closing before the summer tourists get a chance to see it. The reviews and think pieces have raised many questions.

Moralistic satire or misogynistic porn? Wildly theatrical or un-adaptable? Does the ending blame Patrick or society? Can the 1980's materialism depicted be applied to America today? Should it have opened off-Broadway? Or with a movie star? Will it have a life in regional theater? Will we get a Broadway cast album?

And finally what does Patrick Bateman want? Sweeney wants revenge. Seymour wants love. J.P. Finch wants a material success. Patrick already "has it all" but feels nothing. Does he want to "feel?"

Selling Out
You Are What You Wear
A Girl Before
Backstage vlogs
London Cast Album at Entertainment Weekly
*** And some fun backstage gossip on 

Nominated for 2 Tony Awards.

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