Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Milk and Honey

Jerry Herman's first Broadway musical laid some interesting groundwork. The operating first couple struck some critics as dull. The most unconventional thing about them is the fact they don't end up together. Molly Picon's supporting comic reads as a sort of proto-Dolly Levi. In Jerry's later hits the big lady/life force would take center stage.

If Milk and Honey didn't come along for you, do you think you would have written your other shows?
JH: I don't think it would have happened as quickly as it happened. Milk and Honey certainly gave me that push, that start. Being nominated for a Tony Award [in 1962, in the category of Best Composer, a category now known as Best Score], I'll never forget the night my name was called out with [Frank Loesser] and Richard Rodgers…to hear my name called out with those guys just put me away. I was still this boy from Jersey City. I hadn't changed. It was an extraordinary adventure, filled with love.
Playbill Interview - 2011

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