Friday, June 27, 2014

Dance a Little Closer

Dance a Little Closer closed after one performance and a scathing New York Times review. It was quickly dubbed Close a Little Faster. The 1936 play, Idiot’s Delight, paired Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in a romance against a war-torn backdrop. The musical updated the show to the Cold War and ruined the “did she or didn't she” mystery with some ill-advised flashbacks. The modern setting allowed for lyrics like:

Whoever made Atari should be hung by his thumbs.
I’m mad I have to eat so many Rol-Aids and TUMS.

Lerner added a subplot for a gay couple who wanted to get married. Since this drawing I’ve learned that they were airline stewards, not skaters, but they performed a duet on skates. Though more sympathetic than Lerner’s gay villain in Coco they had less personality, despite the efforts of Jeff Keller and the dashing Brent Barrett.

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