Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fade Out - Fade In

Fade Out Fade In was to be Carol Burnett’s second Broadway hit but pregnancy, a back injury and television stardom caused the show to open late and close early.

Chicago’s Porchlight Music Theatre just produced a fantastic concert reading of the show, revealing structural parallels to Carol’s other vehicle Once Upon a Mattress.

  • Top of Act One: Carol barges into a gated community. (Shy / It’s Good to be Back)
  • Mid Act One: Carol sings of her humble beginnings. (The Swamps of Home / The Usher from the Mezzanine).
  • Top of Act Two: Carol sings a defiant ballad when the chips are down (Happily Ever After / Go Home Train)
  • And then Carol disappears leaving her meek love interest (Prince / Nephew) to stand up to the antagonist (Queen / Studio Boss). 

In 2005 she graduated to the Queen in Mattress and someone finally wrote her a proper 11 o’clock number. 

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